RM100,000 Menanti Anda !

How to Enter

The challenge is open to citizens and permanent residents of Malaysia and organizations domiciled in Malaysia.
  1. Create an account on Communities.Challenge.my or log in with an existing ChallengePost account.
  2. On Communities.Challenge.my click “Accept this challenge” to register your interest in participating. This step ensures that you will receive important challenge updates.
  3. Create a submission that meets the following requirements:
    1. Include a maximum of 10 x A4 PDF or Word pages (minimum of 4 pages) describing the neighbourhood you’ve chosen and your idea to improve it.
    2. Your submitted PDF or word document may contain no more than 800 words across the 10 pages, but you may include as many images as you like.
    3. You should use the 800 words to supplement your visual material: photographs, diagrams, sketches and the written part of your solution should encapsulate your big idea, the process by which you reached it and the benefits you believe it will create for the neighbourhood.
    4. Submission in English or Malay language, or both.
  4. Upload a picture to represent your idea so that is it’s easier to identify.
  5. Upload your PDF or Word file and click submit.
As part of your submission, you need to provide a convincing and persuasive argument for how your proposal will improve or develop the neighbourhood. Remember that your submission, as well as being the primary vehicle by which your work will be judged, may also form part of a future business development plan. For both, the communication of ideas powerfully and succinctly is absolutely vital; even if you opt for a primarily visual response, you should provide a written statement to further describe your idea. Your statement should include the following.
  • Where is your neighbourhood? Describe it.
  • What issues or needs in your neighbourhood are you trying to address with your solution?
  • What is your solution idea?
  • Outline the problem as you see it
  • Outline your approach and thinking
  • Tell us about your idea and how you would implement it


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